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Basic facial care with vitamin C

Nutrients absorbed deep into the skin through a mask of pure Vitamin C with the support of the electrical pulses.

Skin rejuvenation and skin whitening mask with DNA

Serum Collagen is derived from sea plants enhance DNA, restored white skin, protect your skin before the ravages of time.

Facials with gold mask

Dispel stress with skin care services with nano gold mask, lose wrinkles, make skin smooth, bring perfect sheen.

Relaxing full body oil massage

With aromatic oils extracted from nature, combined with massage movements will dissipate fatigue, mental alertness, more supple body

Massage with hot rocks energy

Energy from rock to help stabilize mood swings and human, anti-depression and treatment support issues bones, muscles, joints.

Herbal fairy

Natural Herbs help the body cool and refreshing, is a brand of cosmetics filled with skin, leaving your skin fresh and bright pink.

White bath with herbs

The valuable nutrients of 9 traditional herbs are combined to create a layer mask for the perfect body and bring youthful radiance.

Detoxify Body Massage

The massage movements will dissipate fatigue, relieve fatigue, mind becomes clear, more supple body.


(Tiếng Việt) Khuyến mãi spa

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(Tiếng Việt) Chương trình khuyến mại

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(Tiếng Việt) Quà tặng cao cấp

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(Tiếng Việt) Bảng giá dịch vụ spa

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